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K S Raju Legal is a registered not-for-profit non-government organization (NGO) set up with the mission of playing a constructive role in building a just society, accountable governance, empowered citizens, and an environment of justice in all its forms.

The Objects for which this Trust is established, are:

  1. To work towards creation of a just society as envisaged in the Constitution of India.
  2. To promote rights and justice approach to governance.
  3. To develop Justice Index and evaluate bodies/organizations based on such an index.
  4. To proactively assist Governments in drafting and evaluating legislations and policies.
  5. To promote constitutional values and duties.
  6. To promote Rule of law established by the constitution.
  7. To promote accountable governance and use different tools including Right to Information to achieve this end.
  8. To create mass awareness of rights in particular Right to Information and Human Rights and help individuals to secure their rights.
  9. To file Public Interest Litigation petitions in the Courts.
  10. To undertake academic, advocacy, awareness and information dissemination activities including publishing of books, newsletters, magazines and organize seminars, workshops, events etc. through print, digital and other modes.
  11. To provide access to justice and legal aid and services to the needy.
  12. To protect vulnerable sections, especially women, SCs and STs, against harassment, violence, and exploitations, and to secure their legal rights.
  13. To promote law/legal/ public policy related education and literacy.
  14. To offer/render/ commission consultancy/research/studies/reports.
  15. To take up effective, lawful, and reasonable steps for the solution of such problems of the public as decided by the Trust and which would promote the wider objects of the Trust.
  16. To act as a think tank, a forum for collective thinking and action on all issues related to objects of the Trust.
  17. To approach appropriate authorities including courts, whenever required, to achieve the objectives of the Trust.
  18. To build partnerships and coalitions and work in a collaborative manner to achieve objectives.
  19. To enrol as a member of organizations with similar objectives or that can facilitate achievement of objective of this Trust.
  20. To undertake all conceivable activities related to the objectives.
  21. To raise financial and non-financial resources for the achievement of objectives and activities thereof.
  22. To give grants/scholarships/ bursaries to deserving persons/institutions.

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