KS Raju Legal Trust would like to introduce you to the inspiration behind the movement, Dr. Karam Singh Raju. Dr. Karam Singh Raju was born on 08. 02.1928 in a poor Dalit family. His father, an agricultural labourer refugee from west Punjab, was the first generation convert to Sikhism. Dr. Raju had his school education in Khalsa school and graduation from Government college Hoshiarpur. With sheer hard work he got selected in the Punjab Civil Service (PCS) and later got promoted to the IAS in 1974. He was a devout amritdhari Sikh. After his retirement in 1986, he enrolled himself in the bar Council of Punjab & Haryana High Court, did his PhD at the age of 70 years and wrote 20 books on Sikh religion and social justice. Till his demise on 20.09.2019, he had dedicated himself to the wellbeing of Dalits in Punjab.